Danses enseignées saisons 2021 2022

    • Lundi

Done : Darren Bailey  

John Henry : Arnaud Marraffa & Nolwenn Bertin  

A country high : Norman Gifford

My Bestie : Colin Ghys & José Miguel Belloque Vane

Same boat : Rachael McEnaney-White

Corn: Rob Fowler

All i want for christmas is you : Chika Hapsari & Roosamekto Mamek

Raised like that : Darren Bailey

Before you love me : Joshua Talbot

Cold Heart: Maddison Glover

-Dallas Never Change:  Flo Garnier

Give me shivers : Julie Wetzel

Pretty Girl: Shelley Glockner

Wine, Beer, Whiskey : Dan Albro

-What a song can do : Heather Barton &Andrew Hayes

-Thank you : Tina Argyle

-The way you dance : Laura Sway & Rob Fowler

Sweet release : Fred Whitehouse & Shane McKeever

-Warriors : Knox Rhine

-American bad dream : Mikael Mölsä & Hanna Pitkänen

-Peace : G Schneider ,S Schill &  D Leibing

Old friends in America : Dan Albro

This barn : Dan Albro

Here we go : Gary O’Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

-Where oh where : Jo Thompson Szymanski

Don’t break the heart : Colin Ghys & Raymond Sarlemijn

Thinking whiskey : Rob Fowler ,Kate Sala & Guillaume Richard

Para para ti : Jun Andrizal & Ely Chaniago

Eleven Beers : Dan Albro


            . JEUDI

We are the people: Sonny V.

Let’s build a fire : Agnès Gauthier & Chrystel Arréou  

Please dance with me : Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

-Bad habits : Maggie Gallagher & Gary O’Reilly

I’ve seen it all : Gary O’Reilly

Sober dancing: Kim Ray

-Soak up the sun : Ria Vos

Martha Divine : Tina Argyle

Standing with you tonight: Niels Poulsen

-Here goes nothing : Gary O’ Reilly

-Everything to me : Peter Metelnick & Alison Briggs

-Beautiful women : Nathan Gardiner

-Keep it simple :Karl-Harry Winson & Dwight Meessen  

-She don’t know : Maddison Glover

-What we’re made of :Dan Albro

-Another night like this : Arnaud Marraffa

-Good time Jackson : Dan Albro

-Never been to spain : Jo Thompson Szymanski httpv://youtube.com/watch?v=OlE0hhtHP3

-Just let go : Dan Albro

-Daytona sand : Chrystel Durand, Syndie Berger  & Guillaume Richard

-Hideaway cha : Joanne Brady, Jamie Davis & Jo Thompson