Danses enseignées saison 2011/2012



-City of  New Orléans

-Bobby  With  I An

-The  Black Pearl

-Quater After One

-Wanna Be Elvis

-Jaccob’s Ladder

-No Superman

-Rockin’ with the rythm


-Summer Fly

-Bubble Gum Cowboy

-Sommething in the Water

-Bumpy Ride

– I told You

-Love Bucket

-Christmas Heart

-Jig it up

-I want your love

– This and that

-Little Kiss me Honey

– Time that it would take

– Caught in the act

-Cooley’s  reel




-Carribean Pearl

-The Flute

-Red Camaro


-The Gambler


-Long hot summer

-Make this day

-Ding dang darn it

-Rolling in the deep

-Messed up in Memphis

-Stay up tonight

-Never love Before

-Somewhere with you

-Bandido’s last ride

-Not fair

-Until you

-Time to swing

-We found love


-Redcoat tiger




-Good lovin

-Opérator chacha

-My maria

-Doctor doctor

-Bandido’s last ride


-Breack away

-Some beach

-Enjoy the life


-Wave on wave

-Good to be us

-Don’t drink the water

-Old friend

-Sally ann

-Rayni night

-Sunny day


-The Heartbreacker

-Jig it up

-Solar power